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About the product:
SPHERO®gel for cosmetology practically completely imitates the composition of dermal extracellular matrix which provides for microenvironment similar to ECM for proliferation and differentiation of dermal fibroblasts, thus stimulating the process of skin regeneration.
The injection of SPHERO®gel compensates intensively age- or situation-related extracellular matrix deficit which positively influences all skin condition determining factors:

  • Compensates the lost volume of soft tissue;
  • Stimulates actively dermal fibroblasts;
  • Revitalizes information exchange between dermal cells and matrix-cell interactions;
  • Prevents the destruction of cellular membranes;
  • Normalizes blood circulation;
  • Improves antioxidant protection;
  • Provides for positive changes both in surface and deeper tissues.
Information for Healthcare Professionals
What is the ranking of SPHERO®gel among the existing injection products for bioreparation?
What is the duration of SPHERO®gel action while correcting age-related changes?
As a result of SPHERO®gel application for correction of age-related changes, the lifting effect in patients remains for several months, since as the product resorbs, the skin begins to form its own collagen.
It has also been proved that afterwards the result is preserved for a lengthier time period of up to 24 months because of subsequent prescription of other longer-acting forms of product, which is important for the client in terms of long-term results.
Which problems does SPHERO®gel resolve?
The application of SPHERO®gel is recommended for the following aesthetic issues:

  • Prevention and correction of age-related changes
  • Skin preparation for planned sunlight exposure (prevention against photoaging before traveling to hot climates)
  • Before and after plastic surgeries
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • In a complex treatment of couperosis, rosacea
  • Before and after peeling, dermabrasion
  • Hypertrophic, atrophic, post acne scars
  • Pigmentation disorders
  • Scalp mesotherapy
  • Lip rejuvenation
Information for Patients
What is the ranking of SPHERO®gel among the existing injection products for bioreparation?
Does SPHERO®gel help eliminate dark under-eye circles?
Expert opinion:
Some clinics completely refuse dealing with the elimination of dark under-eye circles. There is no definite effective method, since the selection of proper technique depends on the individual characteristics of facial skin. SPHERO®gel facilitates vessel strengthening and stimulates dermal repair, thus, the skin in a given area lightens and tightens.
The choice of technique and the range of action should be made by the expert in this area after examination and consultation.
Is it possible to get rid of post-partum stretch marks using SPHERO®gel?
Expert opinion:
The application of products of SPHERO®gel line reduces significantly the pronouncement of both atrophic scars (stretch marks) and hypertrophic scars.
Is it possible to use SPHERO®gel for lip injection if hyaluronic acid products were previously used in this area?
Expert opinion:

SPHERO®gel prolongs the biodegradation period of hyaluronic acid fillers. Also, if fibrosis is present in lip tissue (after herpes, certain pharmaceutical products, trauma), SPHERO®gel facilitates the resorption of scar tissue and the restitution of nutrition of the healthy lip tissue. Lip dryness is eliminated, the given area is rejuvenated.
Where to Buy
In order to acquire SPHERO®gel product for cosmetology, please contact CELLVIDERM company.

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