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About the product:
The composition of the heterogeneous implantable gel - SPHERO®gel – helps maintain and improve joint health and functions. The gel is used in traumatology and orthopedics, in treatment of degenerative and traumatic changes.
When injected, SPHERO®gel:
  • triggers restoration of hyaline cartilage, synovium, tendons and ligaments of joints
  • improves viscosity of the synovial fluid, recovering its lubricating, shock-absorbing and nutritional properties
  • has a direct and indirect impact on inflammation growth factors by reducing mechanical stresses on joint surfaces and regenerating damaged tissue
  • extends and intensifies the effects of other pharmaceutical products administered together with SPHERO®gel, being a stabilizer for hyaluronic acid and liquid-crystalline compounds by forming hydrogen bonds between them and collagen.


It is supplied as a 1 mL and 2 mL gel in a plastic syringe and is available in three
options: Sphero®GEL LIGHT; Sphero®GEL MEDIUM; Sphero®GEL LONG.
    Information for Healthcare
    Why use SPHERO®gel rather than hyaluronic acid derivatives?
    The gel differs fundamentally from hyaluronic acid medical products since it triggers restoration of hyaline cartilage, synovium, tendons and ligaments due to extracellular matrix compounds essential for tissue repair and restoration.
    Why does SPHERO®gel intensify the effect of other medical products and techniques in treatment of osteoarthrosis and injured tendons, ligaments, and muscles?
    SPHERO®gel acts as a stabilizer for hyaluronic acid and liquid-crystalline compounds by forming hydrogen bonds between them and collagen. It triggers tissue restoration through the extracellular matrix compounds which contain factors modulating proliferative activity.
    Why does SPHERO®gel have a longer effect after being injected in the joint cavity as compared
    to any other chondroprotective agent or osteoarthrosis therapy?
    Long-term resorption of SPHERO®gel is achieved by microparticles of the cross-linked collagen fraction present in its
    heterogeneous composition as well as by observance of the set rheological characteristics. After the resorption is
    completed, the positive effect keeps accumulating due to activation of cell ability to proliferate. The duration of the implant
    biodegradation depends on the size of SPHERO®gel microparticles.
    Why can SPHERO®gel rival PRP therapy?
    SPHERO®gel, being an alternative to PRP therapy, does not require drawing blood, which eliminates any risk of redundant
    invasions as well as occupational blood exposures of healthcare workers and significantly reduces the procedure duration.
    Why is SPHERO®gel safe while other pharmaceutical products may have limitations of use?
    SPHERO®gel is obtained from animal collagen tissue checked for dangerous prion infections using
    immunofluorescence assay.
     Hydrolyzed collagen is a high-performance biostimulant; it has exceptionally low antigenicity, exceptionally weak
    anaphylactogenic and toxic properties. When injected into the body, the hydrolysate undergoes resorption and
    splits into simpler compounds, which take part in the biosynthesis that occurs at the cellular level and
    stimulates reparative processes, including own collagen production. The end products of collagen degradation
    are carbon dioxide and water.
     The maximum molecular mass of SPHERO®gel components does not exceed 3500 Da, thus eliminating any risk of
    allergic reaction.
     Gamma irradiation is used for sterilization as the most reliable contemporary method.
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